New Linux Ransomware Under Development

Linux systems are in use everywhere, which has caught the attention of cybercriminals. Cybercriminals are coming up with new Linux malware/ransomware on a regular basis. Uptycs threat researchers discovered a new ransomware strain.

An ELF (Executable and Link format) ransomware was found encrypting files in Linux systems. While the file found is new, the Onion link in the binary suggests that the ransomware may still be under development.

New Linux Ransomware Under Development  

Ransomware families targeting Linux systems or going cross-platform to target multiple OSes is not new. In the past, the threat actors have expanded their ransomware campaigns across OS flavours in order to target more victims. The DarkAngels ransomware appears to still be in a development phase, with a clear goal to target Linux systems.

We may see some new features or advancements in this family of ransomware in the future. The Uptycs Threat Research team is continuously monitoring related malware campaigns to safeguard to inform the broader security community.

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