What is a Decentralized VPN, Decentralized VPN explained

Decentralized VPNs or dVPNs are VPN services that do not have a central entity controlling their servers. Instead, Decentralized VPNs operate with the help of blockchain, smart contracts, and other users. such VPNs are mostly self-governing infrastructures consisting of volunteers that set up nodes.

Decentralized VPNs refer to VPNs that do not have centralized control over server networks. Instead, they consist of many users offering their unused bandwidth to others.

What is a Decentralized VPN, Decentralized VPN explained  

So, instead of connecting to servers controlled by owners of VPN services, you join independent nodes. Providers also design dVPNs around blockchain projects.

A decentralized VPN has thousands of users who set up the dVPN software on their devices. Each of these dVPN devices acts as a node. These nodes are incentivized for staying online and always connected to the internet.

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What is a Decentralized VPN