Classification of Cyber Crimes | Cyber Attacks

The cyber criminal could be internal or external to the organization facing the cyber attack

Insider Attack: An attack to the network or the computer system by some person with authorized system access is known as insider attack. It is generally performed by dissatisfied or unhappy employees or contractors. The motive of the insider attack could be revenge or greed. It is comparitively easy for an insider to perform a cyber attack as he or she is well aware of the policies, processes, IT architecture and wealness of the security system. The attacker have an access to the network.

Therefore it is comparatively easy for a insider attacker to steel sensitive information, crash the network, etc. In most of the cases the reason for insider attack is when a employee is fired or assigned new roles in an organisation. The insider attack could be prevented by planning and installing an Internal intrusion detection systems (IDS) in the organization

External Attack: When the attacker is either hired by an insider or an external entity to the organization, it is known as external attack. The organization which is a victim of cyber attack not only faces financial loss but also the loss of reputation. Since the external cyber attacker is external to the organization, these attackers usually start by scanning and gathering information about the organisation and the ICT systems. An expreicend network/security administrator keeps regual eye on the log generated by the firewalls as extertnal attacks can be traced out by carefully analysinig the firewall logs. Also, Intrusion Detection Systems are installed to keep an eye on external attacks.

Cyber Security Structure Attacks | Unstructured Attacks

The cyber attacks can also be classified as structure attacks and unstructured attacks based on the level of maturity of the attacker

Ransomware and The Role of Cryptocurrency

Ransomware and The Role of Cryptocurrency

How does ARP work? | ARP Commands

How does ARP work?, ARP Command

Reasons for Cyber Crime | Cyber Crime Security

There are many reasons which act as a catalyst in the growth of cyber crime.

Types of Cyber Security Threats

Types of Cyber Security Threats: Ransomware, Malware, Social engineering, Phishing

Kaseya Cyber Attack | Kaseya Ransomware Attack

About 200 US businesses have been hit by ransomware attack, according to a cyber-security firm.

Comptia Security Plus ISO Model

Comptia Security Plus ISO Model, TCTIP Model, Hybird Model

Guideline for setting secure Password

Guideline for setting secure Password. Choosing the right password

Understanding Ransomware | Defending Against Ransomware

Understanding Ransomware and Defending Against Ransomware

Suggested Cyber Resilience Activity Plan

Suggested Cyber Resilience Activity Plan