How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe, is Bitcoin safe to invest

Hackers can gain access to individuals’ bitcoin crypto wallets or breach entire cryptocurrency exchanges to steal their cryptocurrency. That’s why it’s essential to store your cryptocurrency in a safe place, and practice good digital security habits.

Cryptocurrency exchanges and third parties offer storage for your bitcoins through hot wallets, which are secure, but still online and therefore still susceptible to hacking. Cryptocurrency held on an exchange or in a wallet is not FDIC-insured like money in the bank. Make sure you trade and hold your crypto on a platform that offers robust security measures, including keeping a significant amount of holdings in its own cold storage and two-factor authentication for users. Some exchanges may even have private insurance policies in case of theft or hacking.

For the best protection against online fraud, many experts recommend cold storage through an offline device not connected to the internet, similar to a USB drive. But even cold storage comes with risks, like the possibility of losing access to your investment completely if you forget your password.

How to Keep Your Bitcoin Safe

Hackers can gain access to individuals’ crypto wallets or breach entire cryptocurrency exchanges

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