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FX Merge Coin
With the vast popularity of cryptocurrencies our company felt that there was a demand for a currency that could offer a great deal. This is when we created FX Merge Coin. The official symbol of fx merge Coin is FXMC. Our main aim is to revolutionize the market by offering to alternative payment for Forex services. One of the best things about FXMC is that the client can carry out transactions using this coin, with super low commission. We are currently also working on creating a wallet for Windows, iOS and Android systems, so as to include FXMC in other important exchange markets. This will enable the use of FXMC on main FX payments. The FXMC it could be sent to the portfolio installed on your PC. You will also be able to send and receive transactions to and from family and friends, and in case of a business, by your clients too. You will be able to pay for forex services, change to other cryptocurrencies and exchange to different currencies.

[Image: bf7LIVR.png]

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FX Merge Coin - by tasmin22 - 07-13-2021, 05:16 PM

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