1819 Quarter Value - US Quarter 1819

What is a 1819 Quarter worth? Values and specifications for the 1819 Quarter from the United States. US Coins 1819 Quarter: Designer/Engraver: John Reich, US Quarter Composition: 89% Silver/11% Copper, Diameter: 27 mm, Weight: 6.74 grams
1819 Quarter

1819 Quarter coin value in USD based on Grade/Condition

The value of 1819 Quarter in Good Condition is $114.00.

1819 Quarter value in Very Good condition is $171.00.

The value of 1819 Quarter in Fine Condition is $171.00.

1819 Quarter is worth about $171.00 in Very Fine Condition.

Coin value of 1819 Quarter in Extremely Fine Condition is $1,656.00.

1819 Quarter value in About Uncirculated is $2,278.00.

1819 Quarter value in MS60 condition is about $3,648.00.

1819 Quarter value in MS65 condition is about $8,509.00.

The value of a 1819 Quarter in Proof Condition is unobtainable.

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US 1819 Capped Bust Quarter

1819 Quarter is minted in the Philadelphia US Coin Mint

There were about about 144,000.00 1819 Quarter's minted

There are several factors that influence the value of a 1819 Quarter, these are rarity, demand and condition or grade. If a 1819 Quarter coin is too damaged to have value as a collectible, its metal content (the amount of gold or silver or copper in the coin) may have a basal value.